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Brass/Woodwind Maintenance Pricing

Brass Work

-Stuck Valves ($60-$90)

-French Horn Re-string ($30-$40)

-Simple Soldering ($30-$40)

-Complex Soldering (Call for Pricing)

-Trombone Slide Dents/Align ($90-$150)

-Dent Removal (Bell, Etc) (Call for Pricing)

Brass Cleanings

-Trumpet/Cornet/Trombone ($140)

-Trigger Trombone Cleaning ($85)

-French Horn ($200)

-Baritone/Euphonium ($200)

Notes for Brass:

  • Anything soldering job involving fabricating a patch to cover a hole or crack will generally add about $10-20 to a repair.

  • In some cases, it’s easier to replace trombone slide outer tubing, since the existing slide is too far gone. This would add some lead time, in order for proper size tubing to be shipped.

  • Parts are extra, but generally billed as close to pricing as possible.

  • Some deeper dents in instruments, I highly advise steering customers away from, as it slows down the process of finishing the instrument by a lot – ex: Dents that are beyond the bell flare of a french horn.

  • Cleanings are generally performed using an ultrasonic cleaning machine, as well as hand techniques. This method is able to remove much more from inside an instrument than at-home cleaning.

  • Cleaning supplies tend to be fairly costly - (1) gallon of the chemicals I use for the ultrasonic tank is $35.00 - and the exposure to corrosive acids/fumes is prevalent.

  • Tubas are a lot of work, and take up a significant amount of real estate wherever they sit. Please call, in the event of a tuba.

  • It is possible to fabricate some parts – Please inquire if necessary.

  • Some small tangent repairs may be done as part of existing quoted work – Ex: A small dent that was just making me angry to see.



Woodwind Work

-Small Pads ($20/Each)

-Large Pads ($30/Each)

-Clarinet/Oboe Tenon Corks ($40/Each)

-Saxophone Neck Corks ($40/Each)

-Key Adjustments (Easy/Moderate) ($40-$150)

-Key Adjustments (Severe) ( advice? Get a new instrument at this point. It'll be cheaper and less time consuming.

-Clarinet Full Re-Padding ($280-$360)

-Saxophone Full Re-Padding ($360-$460)

-Flute Full Re-Padding ($400-$600)

Woodwind Cleanings

-Wood Clarinet ($440+)

-Plastic Clarinet ($300+)

-Saxophone ($440-$800+)

-Sax Neck/Bassoon Bocal ($70)

Notes for Woodwinds:

  • There are a lot more variables can break with woodwinds, since there’s about 5x the amount of stuff that can break.
  • If people have tried to fix it themselves (as a lot of people do with woodwinds), they can generally expect more work to be needed.

  • Pad replacement may involve disassembling a significant amount of keys to access. In such cases, it’s usually necessary to replace at least one other pad in the area, in order to make a key stack function correctly.

  • Pad/Cork prices obviously include the pads themselves. Other parts are extra.

  • Full re-paddings are not recommended, as they significantly slows down the workflow on all instruments.

  • Full woodwind cleanings are a long process, since they must be fully disassembled, and cleaned based on the individual needs of their situation. This may – and often does – include having to replace pads, since the instrument will have formerly only operated thanks to the buildup of gunk under the pad surfaces. Please keep this in mind when requesting these.


Case Repair (Brass/Woodwinds/Strings)page3image53405248

-New Handle ($40)

-New Latch ($30/Each)

-New Hinge ($30/Each)

-New Feet ($20/Each)

Notes for Case Repair:page3image46939680

  • People are usually ok with handles, and an occasional latch.

  • If your case requires more than one or two pieces of repair, you are usually better off buying a new case.

  • Replacement case hardware is dependent upon availability. Colors and styles of handles/latches/hinges may be different than factory, but will be matched to the closest possible.

  • Due to dimensions of proprietary handles/latches/hinges, best effort will be made to cover any existing installation holes, but it is sometimes unavoidable to leave previous signs of hardware installation.

  • Since matching leather/vinyl/tweed material is next to impossible without assistance from the factory, I am unable to replace leather/vinyl/tweed exterior materials.

Repair Form