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George Pjevach

George Pjevach is an American record producerguitarist, vocalist, writer and teacher of musicHe is an experienced and seasoned musician, singer, and entertainer.
George performs many styles of music including Smooth Jazz, Jazz Standards, Classic Rock, Dance, Country, Folk and ethnic and more.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin George studied music, guitar and voice at Belmont College in Nashville, and under the guidance of Frank Sinatra’s guitarist, Joe Lano in Las Vegas.

1982- Began recording Country/Pop music in Wisconsin, and performing with “GP and Steppin’ Out”, 4 piece pop dance band performing in major hotels and resorts throughout America.

1984-1990 Nashville, Tennessee. Studio musician for Nashville songwriters, singing and playing guitar and performer at the Opryland Hotel. George recorded vocal and guitar for some of the background tracks for the movie “Overboard” starring Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn. He has worked with Stars John Anderson, Shelly West, Little Jimmy Dickens, Johnny Tillotson, TG Sheppard and others.

Las Vegas- Performed at most larger casinos on the strip with bands and orchestras such as MGM Grand, Tropicana, Belagio, The Luxor, The Sands, Desert Inn, Sam’s Town and many others. Worked with Jazz Singer, Al Jarreau, wrote theme song for comedian Jackie Mason.

George believes in giving back. He teaches guitar, theory, harmony, and voice to ambitious students. He has written a book series, Maestro Melody School of Music for Guitar Curriculum, which has 9 installments.

George has a good ear for composing, as he has written and produced many songs himself. He is very adept at arranging music to bring out the best of a song. You'll appreciate having his talent and experience in the studio for your session!

Robert Austin McMichael

Robert Austin McMichael
 is a Full Sail graduate with a degree in Recording Arts. Having worked with Music Production Software for over a decade, he is in his element in a Recording Studio. In addition to musical experience, he has also done work recording and mixing multiple podcasts, audio for YouTube videos, ADR, and Music/Sound Design for video games.

Born in New Orleans, Austin started off taking Piano Lessons from his Mother but quickly developed an ability to learn music on his own. After discovering the realm of Digital Production in Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), he knew what his career path would be. Later, Austin came to Florida to receive formal training and schooling at Full Sail University. Learning from the likes of industry professionals such as mix engineer and producer Darren Schneider (Deep Purple), Foley artist Benjamin Conley, and games industry professional Thomas Owen (never soft Entertainment), and having many unforgettable studio experiences, he was prepared for anything that the job would throw at him.

Austin's natural ear for music makes him a valuable asset for recording sessions. He can play multiple instruments, and understands music on a level that few engineers do. You won't regret having him in your session!
John Douglas
(Song Writing, Lyricist, Jingle Writer)

Age 8 John Douglas began listening to 45 records from the 60's and early 70's and started writing poetry well into his college years.

"There is a romantic muse that follows me and tells stories about life to me in the form of poems which I turn into songs," he says. "The Beatles probably had the greatest influence on my work from a melodic perspective. The process can become all consuming at times to the point that I will wake up from sleep with words and melodies ready to record."

John's 3 years of experimental theatre at Uconn under Broadway Playwright Thomas Dulack and Acting Coach Sheldon Frome shaped his spontaneous ability to reach into the invisible and create words and music on the spot.
"My Dad's name is Paul and he fostered my music career from age 16 when he bought me a bread truck to haul around my band to clubs, schools, halls and that included a light show. My ability to play bass and sing gives me a working arrangement mindset as well to surf the groove on new songs I am presented with. Eventually, I switched my focus to a solo act on guitar that spans decades of musical inspirations including Motown, Acoustic Story Songs, Folk Rock and Classic Rock and Reggae to name a few styles I resonate with."
"Think back to your first dance at your first prom or a time you drove your very first car and what music played in your life. My first Boston Album was "More than a FEELING and the smell of Pink Floyd's "MONEY" made me feel like a millionaire. The Jackson 5 had a 45 on the back of a cereal box which was a hit called "I Want You Back". It's the words and the space between the words that carry emotions to the heart of the listeners. George Martin, Producer and arranger for The Beatles said, 'All You Need Is Ears'. I think he is onto something there."