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(Piano, Voice Instructor)

Ludmila was born in Samara, Russia. At the age of 3 years old she was being taught to sing second voice by her mother, Anthona. By the age of 4, she corrected her mother for singing second voice wrong and her mother said, "You are right!"

She attended music school when she was 7 years old. Later, from 1988-1990, she would attend Music College and graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Music theory.

In her first year of College, she played in the college band as well as many other outside bands. While in college, she sang under the conducting of Edward Schoserr.

She was part of the Academic of Art, serving as the Folk Chorus Conductor from 1990-1994.

She performed with her brother, Vladimir in an orchestra in her homeland of Russia. Ludmila won the 'Friend's Song' television show competition. 

She moved to Florida in 2001. Today, she teaches Voice and Piano. Also, she is a chorus conductor with the Barbershop Harmony Society. She is a part of the ACNC, which performs in the Southern States of the U.S. Lastly, she is a singer for Oakland Church in Oakland, FL. 

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