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You and your friends decide to start a band, putting your talents together to create some songs because you’re just sick of what they keep playing on the radio. You need a rehearsal space now, so you start playing in your garage. Playing in your garage is great if you live in the middle of nowhere. But you have neighbors...

You tell your all neighbors you are in a band and are going to be playing music in the garage from time to time. You mention it’s going to be a little loud. If anything, you tell the neighbors just to let us know if we are too loud and we will turn the volume down. I mean, after all, musicians aren’t savages! However, for some reason, the cops keep showing up because someone in the neighboorhood called about a noise complaint.

Here at The Music Store in Clermont, we understand the frustrations of having to look for a decent rehearsal space. We got you covered; you can jam out as loud as you want here in our rehearsal rooms. We offer

  • Furnished Rehearsal Rooms
  • Maintained Restrooms
  • FREE WiFi
  • On-Site Staff

Whats holding you back? Stop making excuses. Focus on practicing your music. Come to visit us today.

Please contact the store for pricing details. Simply click on the widget in the lower corner to text us!