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Akai Advance 49 USB Midi Keyboard (Used)

The Akai Advance 49 USB MIDI Keyboard, having been a cornerstone in numerous music production setups, stands as a versatile and essential tool for producers, composers, and performers. Crafted with precision engineering and intuitive design, this used MIDI keyboard offers exceptional control and flexibility, allowing musicians to unleash their creativity and expressiveness in their music. Designed with 49 velocity-sensitive keys and a comprehensive array of assignable controls, the Akai Advance 49 provides dynamic performance capabilities and seamless integration with virtual instruments and software plugins.

Featuring Akai's exclusive Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software, the Advance 49 MIDI keyboard unlocks unparalleled access to an extensive library of virtual instruments, effects, and sound-shaping tools. Its intuitive interface and deep integration with popular DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) empower musicians to streamline their workflow and explore new sonic possibilities with ease. Additionally, the MIDI keyboard's rugged construction and reliable performance make it suitable for both studio production and live performance applications, ensuring consistent performance in any musical setting.

With its proven reliability and innovative features, the Akai Advance 49 USB MIDI Keyboard (Used) continues to be a preferred choice for musicians seeking professional-grade control and versatility in their music production setup. Whether you're composing in the studio, performing live on stage, or experimenting with new sounds and textures, this MIDI keyboard promises to elevate your musical experience and inspire your creative journey, drawing from its legacy of service in various musical genres and productions.

This item is used, but in good condition. Please see pictures for condition. This item is being sold as-is. Thank you for your interest! Be sure to send us a message for shipping quotes.